PgMP workshop

will be held on 17-19 March, 2023

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Course curriculum

    1. Program Formulation/Initiation

    2. Establishing program direction

    3. Defining the program scope and charter

    4. Defining accountability, roles and responsibilities

    5. Differentiating between program and project resources

    6. Establishing governance, tools, finance and reporting

    7. Identifying success criteria

    8. Program planning

    9. Interface and transition planning

    10. Planning program scope

    11. Schedule, cost, resources and quality

    12. Planning program communication, risk and procurement

    13. Integrating constituent project plans

    14. Determining program deliverables and tasks

    1. Program Execution

    2. Acquiring and developing the program team

    3. Performing quality assurance and information distribution

    4. Consolidating project and program data

    5. Monitoring program performance

    6. Chartering constituent projects

    7. Assigning project managers and allocating resources and establishing consistent project standards

    8. Program Controlling

    9. Controlling program risks

    10. Controlling program issues

    11. Controlling program communication and contracts

    12. Measuring benefits realization

    13. Forecasting simulated program outcomes

    14. Managing program-level issues and applying the change management plan

    1. Closing components and contracts

    2. Сomparing actual and planned quality, cost, and schedule values

    3. Executing the transition plan

    4. Initiating a benefits-realization measurement

    5. Releasing resources and reporting lessons learned

About this course

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  • 42 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content