Course curriculum

    1. Topic A: Build a team

    2. Topic B: Define team ground rules

    3. Topic C: Negotiate project agreements

    4. Topic D: Empower team members and stakeholders

    5. Topic E: Train team members and stakeholders

    6. Topic F: Engage and support virtual teams

    7. Topic G: Build shared understanding about a project

    1. Topic A: Determine appropriate project methodology/methods and practices

    2. Topic B: Plan and manage scope

    3. Topic C: Plan and manage budget and resources

    4. Topic D: Plan and manage schedule

    5. Topic E: Plan and manage quality of products and deliverables

    6. Topic F: Integrate project planning activities

    7. Topic G: Plan and manage procurement

    8. Topic H: Establish project governance structure

    9. Topic I: Plan and manage project/phase closure

    1. Topic A: Assess and manage risks

    2. Topic B: Execute project to deliver business value

    3. Topic C: Manage communications

    4. Topic D: Engage stakeholders

    5. Topic E: Create project artifacts

    6. Topic F: Manage project changes

    7. Topic G: Manage project issues

    8. Topic H: Ensure knowledge transfer for project continuity

    1. Topic A: Lead a team

    2. Topic B: Support team performance

    3. Topic C: Address and remove impediments, obstacles and blockers

    4. Topic D: Manage conflict

    5. Topic E: Collaborate with stakeholders

    6. Topic F: Mentor relevant stakeholders

    7. Topic G: Apply emotional intelligence to promote team performance

    1. Topic A: Manage compliance requirements

    2. Topic B: Evaluate and deliver project benefits and value

    3. Topic C: Evaluate and address internal and external business environment changes

    4. Topic D: Support organizational change

    5. Topic E: Employ continuous process improvement

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